School perseverance ribbon

 Symbol of recognition of the importance of academic perseverance.

Wearing the green-and-white school perseverance ribbon helps raise awareness of school perseverance as a determining factor in the well-being of individuals and in societal progress.

To celebrate HSD, please do not hesitate to hand out ribbons to your colleagues, among your network, to parents, to volunteers, and to anyone else associated with your organization. 

These are sold in bulk at 30¢ each. Or pinned to a descriptive bookmark at 50¢ each (French and English versions available). Shipping costs are covered by Réseau réussite Montréal.


Quantities are limited. We cannot guarantee delivery in time for HSD (Feb 12–16) for orders made after February 2. Your order will be accompanied by an invoice. Kindly process and pay it in a timely fashion.

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