Events and activities on perseverance for 13–17-year-olds

Every year, HSD gives rise to many initiatives and activities in educational, youth, community, cultural, business, and other environments to celebrate students’ perseverance. Join the movement! Feel free to copy, adapt, or reinvent the ideas below.

Take note!

Staff and users write notes of encouragement and post them in libraries and online. Prize draws help stimulate participation. 

Bibliothèques de Rosemont et de La-Petite-Patrie



Notes of encouragement offered by school-family-community agents and youth workers to students they work with and their parents. Personalized letters for students in the Pathways to Education program or who are returning to school. Objectives: acknowledge young people’s commitment and the impact of parents on the school experience, and remind everyone that they are not alone in their endeavors and efforts.

YMCAs of Quebec

Regroupement des organismes communautaires québécois de lutte au décrochage – ROCQLD


Work/school balance

Raise awareness among secondary 5 students about the challenges and benefits of balancing school with work: time management, personal priorities, summer jobs, etc.

Carrefour jeunesse-emploi du Sud-Ouest-de-Montréal

Post your tips

Coloured sticky notes on which students write a tip that helps them at school, posted on the cafeteria wall.

École secondaire d'Anjou



On the intercom

Notes of encouragement written by principals, teachers, guidance counsellors, community partners (etc.) and broadcast over the school intercom.

École secondaire Jean-Grou



Morning encouragement

School staff greet students with honour guards in the morning. Words of encouragement, posters, and other surprises.

École secondaire Louis-Riel

Collège Jean-Eudes


Escape room

Escape room that uses famous quotes about perseverance and teamwork, two attitudes required to solve the game.

École secondaire Dalbé-Viau

Hang onto your dreams

Talk with the rapper Koriass, who explores the key moments of his journey: childhood, career, creativity, challenges, and aspirations. The key message: it doesn’t matter where you grow up or what challenges you face, if you hang onto your dreams, nothing is impossible.

École secondaire Paul-Gérin-Lajoie-d'Outremont


Inspiring talks 

A former student talks about their experience at school and mental health. Players from the Alouettes chat about perseverance. A former student shares the the challenges they encountered at the end of high school and start of CÉGEP.

École secondaire Antoine-de-Saint-Exupéry

École primaire et secondaire Marc-Laflamme/Le Prélude

École secondaire Mont-Royal



Perseverance photo booth

Photos of students wearing superhero accessories, which they must match with 10 factors of perseverance at school. Posted inside the school and on the website.

École secondaire des Sources



Dreams Capes

A lunch-hour booth encourages students to write their dreams on capes, that are then hung around the school.

Perspectives Jeunesse




Workshops based on keywords and a self-knowledge game. Students affirm their strengths and talents and reflect on how to integrate these aspects of themselves into choosing a career.

École secondaire Saint-Laurent – édifice Cardinal

Positive role models

Professionals talk about their career paths to high school students, sharing their journeys and demystifying the realities of certain professions.

Comité jeunesse Ville-Émard / Côte Saint-Paul



Mural of the future

Students write a goal they want to reach within the next five years on a mural. Teachers add a thought or note of encouragement for them. A motivational collective work that encourages students to persevere.

Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de Marquette



Persevering volunteers

Volunteers working with young people and who have completed their studies talk about how they persevered to achieve their goals. What emerges is that every experience is different, and everyone has their own way of overcoming obstacles. 

Le Phare de l'espoir


Talents and career choices

Secondary 3 students are paired with artists and cultural workers. Each mentor (choreographer, journalist, photographer, designer, comic-book artist, musician, etc.) guides a student in discovering their profession. Sources of inspiration based on different models of learning and perseverance and special relationships.

Culture pour tous

Photo expo

Photographs of students in their best attire, taken in a place where they demonstrated perseverance. Revealed to all – first and foremost to the students concerned – as part of an exhibition.

École secondaire Joseph-Charbonneau

Inspired yet? Register the activities organized in your community in the calendar to share them with everyone and show your commitment to helping students persevere in school.