Events and activities on perseverance for preschoolers

Every year, HSD gives rise to many initiatives and activities in educational, youth, community, cultural, business, and other environments to celebrate students’ perseverance. Join the movement! Feel free to copy, adapt, or reinvent the ideas below.

My favourite book

Display printed and enlarged photographs of each child holding their favourite book. An activity to promote the value of reading among toddlers.

Comité ÉLÉ Hochelaga-Maisonneuve




Toddlers’ bookfair

Children and parents come to a large room converted into a “book fair,” with reading mats, models of characters, appealing albums, volunteer readers, door prizes, tours by student readers, facilitated activities, family photo sessions, etc. An enjoyable event for all.

Centre de la petite enfance - halte-répit Hochelaga-Maisonneuve



When I grow up

Toddlers project themselves into the future and think about what they want to be when they grow up. A workshop in the form of a discussion followed by an occupation-themed arts and crafts activity.

Maison des familles de Saint-Laurent



The road to the future

Children, parents, and educators make a quilt from squares in which each child illustrates what they want to be when they grow up. The activity is preceded by stories about different occupations and discussions with parents.

Garderie Le Monde des tout-petits




Storytelling time with movement: stories, songs, and yoga. A parent/child (0–5 years) activity that can be reinforced at home, since reading is an important determinant of perseverance at school.

Table de concertation en petite enfance de Rosemont



Parent/child reading perseverance workshop

A parent/child reading workshop held in a community space to raise awareness of the importance of reading stories to children and giving parents the resources to do so. Each child receives a free book!

Concertation Saint-Léonard

Baby awakens and discovers

A workshop for parents to talk about their baby’s development and engage in activities that stimulate their child’s language skills, motor development, and literacy.

La Maison des familles de Mercier-Est

Inspired yet? Register the activities organized in your community in the calendar to share them with everyone and show your commitment to helping students persevere in school.