Events and activities on perseverance for young-adult students

Every year, HSD gives rise to many initiatives and activities in educational, youth, community, cultural, business, and other environments to celebrate students’ perseverance. Join the movement! Feel free to copy, adapt, or reinvent the ideas below.

For the young… and young adults

Master’s and doctoral students exchange cards with elementary school students. A common point among young adult students writing their theses and kids in elementary school is perseverance. The activity gives a pat on the back to young and young adults alike.

Projet Thèsez-vous / école primaire St-Isaac-Jogues



Verdun adult learner day

Certificates of recognition given to acknowledge the perseverance of adult students at a ceremony at the borough council chamber.

Centre de formation professionnelle de Verdun



Success and emotional skills

Distribution of posters on success in vocational training and emotional skills.

Laboratoire d'études sur les parcours scolaires et les influences sociales – LEPSIS | Université du Québec à Montréal – UQAM



Intercom messages

Messages of acknowledgement, motivation, and encouragement broadcast daily over the intercom by members of the administration.

Centre Yves-Thériault



Talks by former students

Former students address current students to talk about how they persevered while in school, the continuation of their studies, or their professional situation. An annual tradition?

Centre Pauline Julien
Centre Gédéon-Ouimet


Social media posts

Daily posts on social media to highlight the dedication of student volunteers who welcome students to high school and CÉGEP to demystify post-secondary studies and get a handle on university culture.

Projet SEUR / Cap campus – Université de Montréal



HSD snacks

Meetings and discussions between students and staff over a snack to talk about perseverance and acknowledge students’ efforts.

Centre de formation Antoine-De-Saint-Exupéry



Library roundtable

Discussions between students and librarians on the role of public libraries in persevering at school.

École de bibliothéconomie et des sciences de l'information – Université de Montréal



Inspiring talks

A teacher who shares their experience in overcoming a major personal challenge. A former French-second-language student whose determination is inspiring. A speaker who talks about their ADHD. Always popular among young adults.

Centre d'éducation des adultes Outremont
Centres Tétreaultville and Hochelaga-Maisonneuve


Bulletin board of encouragement

Teachers share notes of encouragement for students on a bulletin board.

Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec – ITHQ

Learning about theme weeks

As part of the special education techniques CÉGEP program, students learn about implementing and using theme weeks in their professional practices.

Cégep Marie-Victorin



School perseverance workshop

Let’s talk about motivation and persevering at school. Where does your motivation come from? What helps it? What hinders it? How do you persevere? Answers provided in a workshop facilitated by a partner working in the field of school perseverance.

Centre William-Hingston and Centre Gabrielle-Roy


What’s your trick?

Creation of posters on the theme, “What’s your trick for persevering?” Posters exhibited in the cafeteria.

Centre Saint-Paul

Inspired yet? Register the activities organized in your community in the calendar to share them with everyone and show your commitment to helping students persevere in school.