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Paper fortune teller


Dear future me


School perseverance and Valentine’s Day

An activity that connects Hooked on School Days with Valentine’s Day.

Heart (colors) 

heart (black and white)

Letter (colors)

letter (black and white)


Quotes about perseverance

Seven inspiring quotes on perseverance for your students. 
Post them or use them to spark a discussion on the topic or on the life of the person quoted.


Quotes (for printing)


The medal

Invite young people to write on this medal a challenge that they have taken up and of which they are proud. Then organize a ceremony where the medals will be awarded!

Colored medal

medal for printing


Vision Board

By creating their own vision board, young people equip themselves with a means to stay focused on persevering while exploring their creative and artistic sides.

vision board


Cut-out mortarboard

Write an achievement, a point of pride, a quality, a challenge overcome, a dream, or even the professional aspiration that motivates us to study.
Stick them on lockers, keep them as letters to yourself for next year, add them to a portfolio, or cut on the dotted lines to use in a photo shoot.

mortarboard (PDF)


School perseverance sticky notes

Encourage young people to answer a question on a stocky note (ex. ''School perseverance is...'') to create a mural.

activity sheet (PDF)


Alphabet and emoji

To decorate your rooms and spice up your pictures!

Alphabet and emoji (PDF)


Tree of perseverance


Draw the equation of your sucess !