Hooked on School Days (HSD)

What is it?

For the past 14 years Hooked on School Days (HSD), held during the third week of February, has mobilized Quebecers around the educational success of young people. The next edition will take place from February 17 to 21, 2020.

This event reminds students, parents, school staff, employers, and all provincial and regional stakeholders that they play a vital role in encouraging young Quebecers to stay in school.

Every year, thousands of HSD activities and events take place in schools and municipalities across Québec.

Hooked on School Days are held and organized by Québec’s regional consulting authorities (Instances régionales de concertation–IRCs) on student retention and educational success. These IRCs mobilize hundreds of organizations in all regions of Québec around the importance of taking tangible measures to improve the educational success of youth, from pre-schoolers to young adults.  www.perseverancescolaire.com

dans les écoles et les municipalités de tout le Québec.

2020 theme: Our actions, a + in their success

This year, the campaign aims to illustrate the power of small gestures – actions anyone can take. When they’re all added up, they can make a real difference in the success of young people, from pre-schoolers to young adults.

Whether you’re a parent; a family member; a friend; an early childhood educator; a child care worker; a teacher; a community, school, or employability counsellor; a professional or manager; an employer; or a municipal or provincial elected official, we can all take tangible actions and make commitments that encourage our young people to stay in school and support their educational success.

To participate to the Hooked on School Days in your community, you can download these campaign resources.

Generic resources

Logo [ZIP
Poster [PDF
Social media banner [ZIP] 
Slogan [ZIP

Resources for taking action

Download the 7 inspirational actions posters [Zip
Fact sheet for employers [PDF]
Certificate of Appreciation destined to individuals [Word]
Certificate of Appreciation destined to organizations [Word]

Suggested activities

Draw the Equation of Your Success [PDF
Youth activity sheet for the Certificate of Perseverance (elementary and high school) [PDF
Certificate of School Perseverance [Word]
The Butterflies of Perseverance (high school—youth and adults) [PDF]
The Tree of Perseverance (elementary and high school) [PDF]

To reach us

For more information about Hooked on School Days activities and implementation, please feel free to contact us.

Audrey McKinnon
Provincial director of Hooked on School Days
Email : amckinnon@reussiteeducative.quebec
Telephone : 514 286-2346 ext.205