A back-to-school boost for young people

Quebec is facing an unprecedented crisis with numerous consequences for the entire population—young people included. Some have returned to the classroom, while others have had prolonged interruptions to their education, but all have experienced a disruption. For some students, this may lead to significant setbacks; for others it might have effects ranging from reduced motivation for returning to school all the way to dropping out completely.

Which is why, to help young people make sense of returning to school in these extraordinary circumstances, the Réseau québécois pour la réussite éducative is launching a Hooked on School Days campaign focused on student motivation.

Starting on August 17, a week before students return to school, this three-week campaign will have two main goals:

  • Mobilize the significant adults in young people’s lives by emphasizing their role as motivators.

  • Help create a positive climate during this highly unusual back-to-school period.


Last spring, Québec’s youth experienced a strange and unusual time. And we can be sure that the back-to-school period this fall will not be normal.

More than ever, students need support and encouragement from every part of society if they are to view this year’s return to school in a positive light for their future. This campaign is aimed at urging all Quebecers, and in particular adults who play a significant role in a young person’s life, to create a wave of encouragement and motivation as students head back to school. We want to send a message of optimism and goodwill to all families in Québec.

Young people have faced the lockdown with resilience and courage, and we must tap into this energy as they head back to school to produce a wave of motivation that will carry us all with them.

Throughout Québec, with goodwill, we can begin again.

For their enthusiasm

For their dreams

For their passion

For their reunion

For their enlightenment

For their next step

For their thirst for knowledge

For their success

Back to school. Together. For them.

You can download these campaign resources.

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