Virtual meeting with LDT and guests

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif meets with young Quebecers !

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif will take part in a live meeting with elementary cycle 3 and high school classes in Québec during a grand virtual meeting on February 17. Special guests will also join in the festivities to offer young people a unique moment of inspiration and encouragement. Laurent Duvernay-Tardif will be answering a number of questions from young people at this youth-focused event.

Teachers are encouraged to register their classes and submit a question that they would like to ask Laurent, in the same form. The questions submitted will be reviewed by Laurent and the HSD team. Classes whose questions are selected will name a student to ask LDT the question live, during the event.

Register at this special event!

HSD is appealing to all Québec teachers to register for the event and ask LDT a question. To give your students a chance to take part in this unique experience, complete this form before February 15, 2021. If you wish to ask LDT a question, the same form must be sent before January 29, 2021.


  • The event will take place on February 17 from 1 to 2 p.m. ;
  • You can connect to the meeting using the link we will provide before the event ;
  • Teachers will be responsible to transmit the connection link to their students, if they are not in class (face-to-face) during the event ;
  • It is possible to make a single registration for a whole school (sharing of the connection link between the classes of the school) translation ;

  • It is not mandatory to ask a question to register your class, but it is important to have your question already on hand when registering ;
  • The event will be held in French, but we invite English speaking classes to register and ask a question in English, if they wish. It is important to have already formulated your question when registering.

Want ideas to formulate your question?

Teachers who wish to participate can consult an information sheet with ideas for how to come up with a question.

About Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

For a third consecutive year, Hooked on School Days is thrilled to welcome back our wonderful spokesperson to spread the message of the 2021 Québec-wide campaign—Laurent Duvernay-Tardif.

An exceptional professional athlete and holder of a doctoral degree in medicine, Laurent is a passionate person who has always persevered to achieve his goals. His community engagement and commitment to young people is genuine. In 2016, to make a tangible impact on helping young people stay in school, he created the Laurent Duvernay-Tardif Foundation, whose mission is to promote a balance between sports, the arts, and school. Encouraging physical activity and creativity are fundamental factors in young people’s development and major assets in their educational success.

Laurent is devoted to helping young people and clearly a huge source of inspiration for them. We are delighted that he is helping us publicize the campaign and mobilize all Quebecers toward helping young people succeed.

For more information on LDT, visit its website at

Theme of the 2021 campaign

A moment. For them.

Young people have not been spared the effects and many challenges of the complex situation brought on by the pandemic. Adapting to new teaching methods, social distancing, and a lack of or changes to extracurricular activities have all played an important role in students’ school perseverance in this turbulent time. This very strange year has been a learning experience for all of Québec’s students.

At the start of the school year, we invited the public to rally around students and be there for them (#tousensemblepoureux). Now, at the halfway point, let’s take “a moment for them” and create some momentum to carry them to the end of the school year. Let’s take the time to highlight and acknowledge their resilience, their widely varying sources of motivation, their ability to adapt, and the sacrifices they have had to make this year. Let’s tell them how proud we are of them and remind them that they have every reason in the world to be proud of themselves.

A moment to celebrate them, to comfort them, to applaud them, to congratulate them, to acknowledge their adaptability, to motivate them. Quite simply, a moment for them.

A surge of motivation

Despite the difficulties and obstacles, many young people are engaging, adapting, and persevering. And while some have had trouble adjusting to this new normal, all have the ability to reach their full potential. There is no magic formula for educational success or any single path to motivation, but qualities such as resiliency, adaptability, and self-confidence all help to promote learning and engagement with school.

Every young person has their own motivations. Some are driven by the pleasure of learning or by the ambition to pursue a desired profession, but for many, success comes through the involvement and quality of their social network.

Together, we have to trust that they will develop their own mechanisms for success, while reminding them that they will be rewarded for their efforts. Today’s youth are going through an unusual situation, but they are learning much from the experience that they can use for the future.

Your actions and words help to kindle our young people’s success; whatever their path or starting point, you have the power to reengage them. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, teacher, community worker, support staff, or employer, Hooked on School Days (HSD/JPS) is an opportunity to come together toward the single goal of creating a collective surge of caring and kindness by sending bright and positive messages to every family in Québec.

Downloadable resources

Feel free to download the various campaign resources and take part in Hooked on School Days in your community.

Generic tools

The generic Hooked on School Days campaign tools include the logo, slogan, poster, web banner, email signature, and + icons.

  • Download entire package [ZIP]

Recognition tools

Thematic tools

  • For your communications: campaign introduction text [Word
  • ZOOM background [ZIP]
  • + cards [PDF]
    The “+” cards are the Hooked on School Days campaign symbol. Download the various models and use them in activities in your community. Print and post them in your school, organization, or municipality. For example, you might organize a photo op with your students and share the pictures on social media using the hashtag #JPS2021. Be creative!
  • Graphical images [ZIP]
    Graphical images can be used for various activities such as vision boards.

Activity suggestions

  • Cards of encouragement [ZIP]
    Download printable versions [ZIP]
  • Guide for making a vision board [PDF
    Use the graphical images above to liven up your vision board.
  • Perseverance butterflies (high school - young adult) [PDF]
  • Tree of perseverance (elementary - high school) [PDF]
  • 9 inspiring quotes to post or use to spark a discussion [PDF]
    Inspiring quotes from Laurent Duvernay-Tardif !  [ZIP]
  • Draw the equation of your success (elementary) [PDF]