Hooked on School Days (HSD)

What is it?

We can all make a difference!

The Hooked on School Days (HSD) will be held from February 12th to 16th, 2018. Five days for a major national and regional mobilization campaign for educational success and perseverance in Quebec. This year, the campaign will take place under a brand new theme Your actions, a + in their success.

This theme aims to illustrate the multitude of gestures within the reach of everyone that can make a real difference in the educational success of an individual from the beginning of his life to adulthood. Everyone can take actions that will represent "+" for school perseverance and the educational success of the young person at different stages of his life. It is the addition of all the actions taken throughout the life course of the young person who makes a real difference on his educational success.

Objectives of the Quebec campaign

  1. Increase the understanding of everyone’s role and responsibilities in creating conditions conducive to school perseverance.
  2. Increase the visibility and influence of the HSD by creating a movement around them.
  3. Allow all actors of perseverance to be able to find a reference point in the campaign so that they may contribute to it.

We will invite different actors to take action and make commitments to encourage and support school perseverance and educational success in the region, consistent with provincial efforts.

How to take part

Contribute to the movement to promote perseverance

Everyone knows someone who made a difference in their lives when they were in school: an inspiring teacher, an encouraging parent, or a counsellor who was there at the right time. Whether you’re a business person, an elected official, or a worker in the community or early childhood sector, we all have a role to play.

It is vital to take early and concerted action with children in order to have a meaningful impact on their educational experience and their perseverance at school.

Contribute in your own way, in your own field.

  • Municipal officials: contribute by backing social development policies that make education a fundamental pillar of your community. You can also make sure to apply an “education filter” to the decisions of your establishment, while at the same time taking part in projects with schools and early childhood education services.
  • Business people: accept students in internships, promote work/school balance, or invest in initiatives that promote school perseverance.
  • Teachers, educators, school principals, and councillors: you act by inspiring young people, listening to them, and preparing them for the future.
  • Community groups: you play an important role by developing services that support education-sector efforts, by partnering with schools and families, and by providing vital extra assistance for students who are experiencing difficulties.
  • Early childhood educators: you prepare our children for school by providing them with the fundamentals they need to develop.  

Put forward the gestures that are + # JPS2018

1 - Share your actions that are + for school perseverance and the educational success of young people. Does your organization take action to promote youth perseverance? Do you yourself take action to promote the educational success of a young person? From February 12 to 16, promote these gestures, these +, on social social networks with the hashtag # JPS2018. Also use the @JourneesPerseverancescolaire tag on Facebook or @JPS_HSD on Twitter. Whether you are a parent, a family member, a friend, an early childhood educator, a child care educator, a teacher, a community, school, health and social services or employability worker, a professional manager, an employer, a businessman, a municipal representative or a decision-maker, you can have a concrete influence on the perseverance of young people. Everyone can take action at any time in a young person's life that will have an impact on his success.

2 - Invite young people around you to testify on the social networks gestures that are +  in their perseverance and educational success by using the hashtag #JPS2018.

3 - You can also underline the perseverance of a young person around you. Identify the gestures posed by this young person who are + for their perseverance and educational success and promote them on social networks with the word-click #JPS2018.


Campaign resources

Here is a collection of all English-language campaign resources.


To reach us

For more information about Hooked on School Days activities and implementation, please feel free to contact us.

Audrey McKinnon
Provincial director of Hooked on School Days
Email :  amckinnon@reseaureussitemontreal.ca
Telephone : (438) 873-1704